· The original name was All-Star Major League Baseball and Baseball II.  INTV Corp. ultimately released the game; they were able to use packaging and instructions already completed for the game at Mattel, with the change of the name to World Championship Baseball so that they wouldn't have to pay for the Major League trademark. The title screen, however, still says "Mattel Electronics presents All-Star Major League Baseball”.  {BSR}

· BUG: Although Mike Minkoff cleaned out most of the bugs (from the Major League Baseball code), INTV Corporation released the game as is, including the fatal bug and Rick Koenig’s debugging module. The game occasionally crashes, displaying the debugging screen. To explain this, INTV added the following notice to the instruction book:  {BSR}

 "Due to the sophisticated and complex nature of this game, at times interference may appear on your T.V. screen.  If this happens simply return to start."

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