· HIDDEN MESSAGE: With the right combination of maneuvers with the energy block, you can get Mark Urbaniec's name to appear on screen, with the message, “MARK H. URBANIEC SEZ TO WATCH YOUR AIM”.  Since Mattel forbid hiding names in games, Mark made sure that the combination was so complicated that no one would stumble across it by accident. Well, he did such a good job hiding it, that he can't quite remember anymore how to do it. {BSR}  Luckily, Joseph Zbiciak managed to “decipher” the method: 

(1)     For # of players, press 9.  This will start a single-player game.

(2)     End the first 7 levels with your "energy block" in the following positions.  Positions are counted from left to right, with the left-most being 0, and the right-most being 8: Level 1 – 0, Level 2 – 5, Level 3 – 1, Level 4 – 5, Level 5 – 5, Level 6 – 8, Level 7 – 7.
(3) At the game summary screen (where it shows you how you did), it waits for you to press a key to continue.  Press the number on the keypad that corresponds to the same sequence above. That is, after Level 1, press 0.  After Level 2, press 5, etc.

(3)     If you complete this long, crazy sequence, you’ll get a screen with Mark's message (see picture).

 · According to the instruction book, if you beat the top level, #99, you will be rewarded with "a special little visual treat." The treat? Due to space constraints, there was only room for a message reading "Congratulations. You are very good." The difficulty increases so much, though, that it is thought to be impossible to beat level 99. {BSR}

· Programmers Mark Urbaniec and Keith Robinson both disliked the built-in Intellivision font, and they both hated that the "at" sign (@) was used as a copyright symbol on the title screens, so they developed custom fonts for their games (Tron Solar Sailer and Vectron) and made a special point of including a true c-in-circle © copyright symbol in the character sets.  {BSR}


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