· BUG: On the right island, there is a 2x3 rectangle at the upper left.  Just to the right of this block is a one-square bottleneck with water directly above and below it.  Sail a boat (fishing or PT) as if to sail directly into this bottleneck, and 'push' against the resisting sandbar until you're as far as you can go.  Dock (press 0), move the cursor towards the land until the minimum needed to control the boat is within the cursor, and select the boat again. You should be able to sail directly over the land and come out on the other side.  Note: in this mode you will not be able to park your boat anywhere and you will not get your cursor back. The only way to resume normal boating is to travel the reverse path (see picture). To wiggle your boat off-screen, you need to wedge your boat into the lower right-hand corner and move your controller left and right while pressing down -- essentially sliding around in the corner as you cycle through the 5 or 6 different diagonals that the Intellivision supports, which face in that general direction. Eventually you'll budge in a pixel or two, and once you're past the threshold, your boat slides off screen as if it were being sucked away.   

· RUMOR: Move your fishing boat to the far right side, right beside the Island. Press left and right constantly and move slightly up and down until your boat goes through the wall. Once you’re in, move right for a while and then come back to the game and your boat will be like a pirate or a hurricane. You will not be able to exit your boat but you can destroy Pirate ships and the other player’s ships. I was also able to get on land once and destroy crops and buildings.  {Scott Fryer}


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