· HIDDEN MESSAGE: If you are driving in Northern California, in the San Jose area, there’s a hidden highway that goes to Imagic.  Basically, you have to find the path to the old Imagic HQ in Los Gatos, CA.  Having a road map (such as Rand McNally) helps, since the route does not show up on the map in the instruction booklet.  If not, the following directions (courtesy of Al Backiel) will suffice: {Rick Levine}  

(1)     From the title screen, press 1-1-8-1.  This takes the defaults and gives you a full tank of gas, heading northbound out of San Diego.  A no-load, timed contest.

(2)     Accelerate, but stay below 24 MPH, in order to make the necessary turns.

(3)     Make the 1st left onto I-10, heading eastbound to LA.

(4)     Keep going east, straight towards the coast.  I-10 will end and you will automatically be turned north to Hollywood (HO) on US#01 (actually 101).

(5)     Stay due north through Santa Cruz (SZ).

(6)     As soon as you approach San Jose (SJ), look for the 1st left.  Turn here.

(7)     You are now on Route 9 eastbound.  A little ways on this road and you’ve found it!  The road will show the Imagic logo off into the horizon.  The SJ city code will change into “RL” (for Rick Levine).  You can also see this coming from the opposite direction.


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