HIDDEN MESSAGE: When you enter the access code on track one, append Keith Robinson's birthday, 991955, to the end  before pressing ENTER. The message KEITH ROBINSON SEZ GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN will appear before the next phase of the game (picture #1).  {BSR}

Programmers Mark Urbaniec and Keith Robinson both disliked the built-in Intellivision font, and they both hated that the "at" sign (@) was used as a copyright symbol on the title screens, so they developed custom fonts for their games (Tron Solar Sailer and Vectron) and made a special point of including a true c-in-circle copyright symbol in the character sets.  {BSR}

While testing the game, Keith's boss Mike Minkoff kept getting access codes that ended in "69." Mike accused Keith several times of skewing the random numbers for an adolescent joke. Tired of being unfairly accused, Keith put the data stream 01000101 (the binary representation of 69) in the game's opening demo screen. He then told Mike, "Look, if I was going to put a '69' in the game, I'd put it right on the title screen!" and waited to see how long it would take Mike to notice. He never did; the game went out that way. 01000101 appeared on the demo screen (picture #2), in the advertising, on the back of the box and in the instructions.  {BSR}

When first turned on or reset, the game will flash an empty standard title screen (picture #3) just before it shows the normal one. 



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