BUG: In Biplanes, horizontal-flying bullets headed directly at the narrow spot on the upper half of the tower sometimes fly right through it, as if the tower wasn't there.

BUG: In Biplanes, although the game ends when one player reaches 15 points, bullets in the air at that point are allowed to score. It's possible, therefore, to have a game with a 15-15 tie, or to win with 16 points.  {BSR}

BUG: In Battle Tanks, take the red tank and drive up to the blue tank and face it head on (about an inch away).  Now take the Blue Tank and do a 180 turn (don't move the tank forwards or backwards at all).  Both tanks should be facing the left side, with the red tank behind the blue one.  Move the red tank forward and into the blue tank as far as it will go and stop there, and then turn the red tank to the 1:00 position.  You want to be partly on the blue tank while facing away from it.  Hit the side (move forward quick) button. The red tank should starting floating to the right, going through barriers and eventually off the screen!  After you do get it, try playing with the bullets, shooting them off screen and in between walls and barriers.  It might even be possible to get both tanks to disappear!

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