Increasing HP: When you start off, collect as much food as possible. When you fight, use only your bow and arrows. Make sure you rest after each battle. Collect whatever weapons you can, but repeating spiritual weapons like scrolls (and books) are great to have. If you cannot find any, just pick up whatever is available.'ve fought a couple of times, and now you're out of arrows. KEEP THAT BOW RIGHT THERE! Go find another monster, and attack him with the bow. You'll get the ever-popular "RAZZ" sound, but the monster will attack you anyways. Keep repeating this until your HP gets as low as you want to go. The lower they go, the stronger you will become. When you're tired of letting the monster pummel you, get one of the other weapons and finish him off. Then rest. VOILA! Your HP will skyrocket! Normally, this affects your War HP faster than your spiritual HP, because you are using a war weapon. Your spiritual HP can also go up if you are being hit by spiritual weapons. Another way to get more Spiritual HP is to get the Spiritual knowledge book and then continue the method. This will raise your Spiritual HP faster. In order to get the most out of this, you must do the following: (1) Find ALL food, (2) Fight as often as you can, (3) Do NOT get arrows, and (4) Get all of the War and Spiritual skill books (to allow your HP to go above normal limit). Some other tips- keep a spare bow with you at all times in case your active one breaks. Also, fight the weakest monsters the longest. You can sit there and get hit 300 times by a skeleton, then kill him once and get back 50 HP, even though you only lost 4. This trick also works with scrolls, but since you never run out of ammo, just use the light blue scroll against a stronger opponent. Note: only do this if you are really strong!  {Jason Sinclair}

Ever wanted to see what was behind a wall or a door without the sight book? I did this on an Intellivision II, so I'm not sure if it works on a I or III... Go to a "hall of doors" - doors that line up on either side of you. Put an object down, and then GLANCE left or right. When you glance, if there is anything behind the door, the object you put down may blink for an instant. If it does, that means that an object is one or two spaces away in the direction you glanced. When you return back to your original direction, it may blink again. Sometimes, when it blinks, it momentarily turns into the object (or part of the sprite) that was hidden. For example, if a spear is behind the door, the item may briefly become a spear, and then return to whatever it was. It becomes easier to see if you glance one way, and then hit the other glance the other before you come back to your original position.  To try this in a more surefire way, find an eyeball mural that has a closable door beside it. Go through the door and then turn around to face the door. The eyeball mural will be on the other side. Put something down in front of you, and glance both directions. Notice the object you put down- it will blink, and if you're fast enough, it'll turn into an eyeball! The reason this may only work on an INTV II system is because there is a slight timing maladjustment inherent to all INTV II's, that I's and III's supposedly donít.  If that is indeed true, then this works because the timing misfire actually causes the correct sprite to be in the wrong place due to the screen changes. {Jason Sinclair}

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