· Although it was released by INTV Corp., the title screen still says "Mattel Electronics presents…”.  {BSR}

· The penguins Norman and Minky were named after programmers Julie Hoshizaki and Monique Lujan-Bakerink boss, Keith Robinson (who only reluctantly admits that his rarely-used first name is Norman), and his boss, Mike Minkoff.  {BSR}

· The game was based on a game called Disco No. 1, which was later evolved into Thin Ice.  After briefly being referred to as Artic Squares in some literature, it was renamed to Duncan’s Thin Ice.  Marketing then decided to theme the game on their Winter Olympics license, and renamed it Voochko on Ice. Unknown to marketing, VP Gabriel Baum gave permission for Duncan's Thin Ice to be hidden within the Voochko On Ice cartridge.  Two versions were made: “Voodun”, in which Duncan was hidden within Voochko; and “Dunvoo”, in which Voochko was hidden within Duncan. Voodun was the one scheduled to go into production; Dunvoo was the version the programmers took home for themselves. To switch between Duncan and Voochko in either version, you pressed ENTER on the left hand controller, CLEAR on the right one, and pressed RESET (picture #1). {BSR}

· When first turned on or reset, the game will flash a standard title screen (picture #2) just before it shows the normal one. 



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