· 2 versions exist!  The game was speeded up for more challenging game play.  {BSR}

· If the enemy spacecraft look familiar, it's because they are Cylon raiders from the late-seventies TV program Battlestar Galactica. One of Mattel's subsidiaries, Concepts 2000, had the license to produce Battlestar Galactica electronic toys, so Mattel figured getting the license to produce the official Battlestar Galactica video game would be guaranteed, which it wasn’t. The game was well into development when they discovered Mattel didn't get the license. The name was changed, but the graphics remained the same.  Originally there also was music based on the BG theme song, which got taken out.  {BSR}

· BUG: Kill all of the aliens except for one.  Next, lose all of your ships except for one, and time it so that you kill each other.  The total alien count should then roll over to 99+ aliens and you will have to fight them all ("infinite fighting").  {Steve Craft}

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