Working title was Blockade+Snakes, to reflect the two basic versions of the game. In the first, inspired by the board game Blockade, opponents try to surround and trap each other. In the second, inspired by a handheld LED game in development at Mattel but never released, opponents bite at each other's tails until one is reduced to nothing.  Programmer Mike Minkoff liked the name Ssssnakes! and started using it on the title screen; he fought for it to be the final name. Marketing instead chose Snafu, from the military acronym "Situation Normal -- All Fouled Up" (actually, most veterans use a different word than "Fouled"). Mike hated the name since it had nothing to do with the gameplay.

This was the only game released to use the Intellivision video chipís colored squares mode (2 unreleased games, Empire and Brickout!, also used it).  {BSR}

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