(later renamed ALPINE SKIING)

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Stop just before crossing the finish line. Garbled characters should appear at the bottom of the screen that include the name of the game's programmer.

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: On both controllers hold either 4+8 or 5+7, and then press RESET. The finish line banner will then read “PENDRAGON” (see picture).  {from Chris Hawley’s “Copyright Kludge” file}

· A couple years after the game was finished, a Mattel programmer needed to take a look at the original APh source code. He was startled to find that all variables and subroutines were named with the vilest (and most creative) obscenities.  {BSR}

· BUG: Face your skier horizontally and ski into the edge of the screen while the timer is on the screen.  Allow the game to remain at this screen to force the timer to eventually roll over the numeric characters and begin to display text and graphics blocks.  {John F. Ayo}


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