BUG: The following steps lead to the problems with Royal Dealer.  They occur in all four games.  You are rearranging your cards and have a card out of the deck. Then one of the players lays down her final card and that round ends.  The new round starts and you hit the disk. The card from the last hand appears. Depending on how you rearrange and throw your cards, different errors can occur. (If you hit rearrange first, the game will progress normally, and the errors never occur.) The errors that occur are:  {BSR}

(1)     You can rearrange the blank cards that are displayed. If you rearrange enough times, the program gets confused and the screen blanks out. You have to hit reset to start over.

(2)     Sometimes when you lift up a card to rearrange, you see it where the card was. This usually occurs if this is one card by itself.

(3)     If you have to draw 15 cards and they are all in a row, it usually will not let you pass. The result is that you have to hit reset to start over.

(4)     In Rummy, if you win the round, the music plays and the card screen comes up. The screen doesn't show "GIN" by your hand and a card shows up in your final hand that wasn't there before.
Results are that you can't continue to the next hand, and you have to hit reset to start over.

(5)     If a gap appears between your cards, you cannot get to the cards on the left side of the gap. The gap will go away if you can discard your cards on the right of the gap. If you need a heart, for example, and you draw until you have 15 cards, you may have to pass. If there is a heart on the left side of the gap, you cannot get to it, the program sees the heart, and will not allow you to pass. The result is you have to hit reset to start over.

Because of this bug, the following errata slip was added to the packaging:  {BSR}

 "Please correct your instruction booklet on Page 2 to read: You can only rearrange your cards each time it is your turn before playing or discarding a card from your hand. Once you have played or discarded, you must wait until your next turn before rearranging your cards."  

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