Pause feature:  To pause ANY Intellivision game at any time, simply press 1+9 or 3+7 on the keypad at the same time.  Is this a documented feature?  {Blue Sky Rangers}

Pressing 1, 2, or 3 to start a game, instead of using the directional pad, makes several games play at a slower speed.

· Power switch mod: Solder a 2.2Mohm resistor across R15 (on the power supply board – see picture).  This will make the system shut off much faster (the lower the resistance, the faster it goes off).  {Jay Tilton and Kevin Horton}

· The system video circuit has to be modified in order for the Atari 2600 System Changer adapter to work, otherwise the only video you’ll see is the adapter’s internal “M-Network” title screen.

· BUG: The EXEC's square root subroutine will crash the system if it's given a negative number. Other EXEC routines, which calculate position and velocity of moving objects, use this subroutine; a game can freeze if one of them is called after an object moves off the top or left side of the screen, into negative coordinates. On many games this problem showed up during testing and extra code had to be added to check for a negative position. But on some games the problem showed up too late: the released version of B-17 Bomber will freeze up sometimes when a bomb goes off the left side of the screen. When the Intellivision II was being designed, consideration was given to fixing the square root routine bug. But the fear was that games developed and tested principally on an Intellivision II would then be more likely to crash on an original Intellivision. The bug was left as is.  {BSR}


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