2 versions exist!  Turning corners was made easier; and animation of thief collapsing into his hat was added.  The early version is 6K while the latter is 8K.  {BSR}

BUG: If you stand in one of the tunnels (easiest with the upper) and move continuously back and forth while partway off the screen, eventually your thief will travel off the screen and disappear altogether.  After a minute or two, he will reappear on the other side.

BUG: When you enter a tunnel and move the disc up and down really fast you can enter a strip that lets you ring up points quickly, but you'll also be trapped there forever. If you wrap around the screen a few times you'll hit a "wall" and sometimes be suck there forever and have to press the reset switch.

BUG: If you have cleared all the coins in a maze, lock a door directly under the top exit.  Run into this locked door from above; you will stick to it. Then press up: the level will instantly end without your actually having gone out the exit.

BUG: You will often receive a bonus (sometimes several thousand points) if you are picking up a coin, vault $, or other bonus when you lose your last life at the same time.

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