· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Both controller button combinations must all be done simultaneously, then press RESET - on the RIGHT controller, hold 0+5.  On the LEFT, hold 3+5.  The title screen will appear as “TAS & ASN & PK present Froys  DEI ©1982” (picture #1).  TAS is for Tom A. Soulanille and PK is for Peter Kaminski.  Anyone know what ASN or DEI stand for?   Also, the graphics will be different (picture #2 - Aph’s “mascot”?).  {Carl Mueller}

· A prototype version exists, which is titled “Frogs” and dated 1981 (picture #3). It also has a number of other differences (picture #4) – the frog graphics are different, there’s no Easter egg or night scene (if you let it sit for a few minutes, the screen goes completely black). It’s only 2-player, and there’s very little sound effects (except when jumping or catching flies) Notice the frogs look larger and are different colors than the released version. If you start a game by pressing 3, you move noticeably slower.  Also, the control scheme varies, depending on which variation you’re playing.

· The initials DEI that show up in all the different APh games stand for "Dabney Eats It".  More info on this can be found at:  {Joseph Zbiciak}


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