HIDDEN MESSAGEOn the RIGHT controller, holding 1+5+9+ENTER and pushing the disc UP+LEFT and pressing RESET reveals the message, Programmed by Mark Kennedy (picture #1).  {Joseph Zbiciak}

HIDDEN MESSAGE: Another Mattel programmer, Dave Warhol, put together his own private version of the game, TRON Deadly Discs, replacing the enemy warriors with the hot dogs from Burgertime. He called the result Deadly Dogs. If you want to play it, it's hidden in the INTV Corporation release of Dig Dug: press 4+7 on both hand controllers and press RESET. The Deadly Dogs title screen will appear (picture #2).  {BSR}

When first turned on or reset, the game will flash a slightly different title screen (picture #3) just before it shows the normal one.


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