· HIDDEN MESSAGE: On the RIGHT controller, hold 0 + either upper side button + disc position 7, then press RESET.  When the title screen appears, push the disc or any button and you’ll see the map screen (see picture).  Both halves of the crown will be assembled on top of your party and you immediately win the game!  {Carl Mueller}

· 2 versions exist! 

· Pressing 1+6 pauses the game.

· Use the first controller to run (usually a straight vertical corridor is best).  At the same time, use the second controller to fire an arrow horizontally.  If the run has enough speed, the arrow will bounce left-right forever, making a kind of "arrow wall" that you can trick monsters into running into.  {Steve and Jay Craft}

· BUG: Move so that a slow-moving monster (on early levels, this is all of them, but blobs work best) is above you in a long vertical passage.  Walk downwards until the monster is just barely off the top of the screen, and then quickly return.  The monster will often be cloned; with blobs, you can get up to three at once from one original. It takes some practice to get the timing right.  {Steve and Jay Craft}

· BUG: On the map screen, you move your party around using the number pad on the controller.  If you move your party to the upper-left corner of the screen, you can press the up/left diagonal and move off the screen.  Keep moving in that direction, and you'll appear in the middle of the map. Once you're in the middle, you need to make one more "move" before you  can return to moving normally.  {Joseph Zbiciak}


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