· 2 versions exist!  A change was made to make the steering easier (more realistic instead of intuitive).  {BSR} 

· Press 1+6+9 on either keypad to switch to “real” steering (and vice-versa).  {from Chris Hawley’s “Copyright Kludge” file}

· Basketball mini game – Hold 4+7+8+9+0, then press DOWN+LEFT at the title screen.  Note: this only works with the later version (white-labeled carts ?).

· Select track 1. On the last long strip (before the sharp right turn), drive the car in the grass underneath the road. The car will never hit an obstacle!

· The 5 race courses were created as a “globe” - you can go 'off the course' and onto other courses at many places in the game.  Anywhere where there's daylight in between trees is explore-able, and often 'hidden' areas (like the "Drag Strip", a long horizontal area) not mentioned in the manual can be found.

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