· HIDDEN MESSAGE: If you press 6+9 (on either controller) and press RESET, you’ll get a “hello” message from Joe (picture #1).  {Joseph Zbiciak}

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: At the end of the compiled code is the message Copyright 2000 Joseph Zbiciak”.  {Scott Stilphen}

· 4 versions exist!  Besides the ‘regular’ online (v1.1) and cart (v1.14) versions, there are 2 PhillyClassic versions which have custom title screens (picture #2).  Most of the differences between the versions involve some code optimization, a correction to an Easter egg, and changes to the built-in self-test.

· If you press RIGHT on the LEFT controller, and 5 on the RIGHT controller and press RESET, you'll get PONG instead (pictures #3 and #4).  Depending on which version you have (see below), the game will either be b&w (v1.1) or color (v1.14).  {Joseph Zbiciak}

· To access the hidden ROM test, press and hold 1 on either the RIGHT or LEFT controller.  {Joseph Zbiciak}


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