Commodore 64-128-Plus/4 computers

C-64 system

HIDDEN MESSAGE: On address $FFF6-$FFF9 (65526-9) in the C64 BIOS, right before the hard-coded jump vectors for the processor, you can find the letter sequence "RRBY" (for the main C-64 engineers  Robert Russell and Bob Yannes).

BUG: The BASIC program in some of the original systems can be crashed by executing PRINT""+-[x] (where x is any integer), or by attempting to create a BASIC program with an initial line number near 350800.

BUG: Due to a quirk in the C64's BASIC operating system, a screensaver of sorts may be activated: Begin by pressing RUN/STOP+RETORE, and then enter "POKE781,96:SYS58251" on the subsequently cleared screen.  A screen full of ? will appear (see picture).


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