Commodore 64-128-Plus/4 computers

Spy's Demise

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: A secret encoded message appears on the screen after completing a level.  Every completed level adds a new line of code, of which there are 9 total (picture #1).  After completing 9 levels, the game ends.  This was part of a contest by Penguin, and whoever solved it earned themselves a free Spy’s Demise T-shirt.  From the manual: “If you think you have solved the puzzle, you will know what to do next.  You’ll then be asked to submit a dossier consisting of your name, address, and the score achieved when the end of the puzzle was reached. For those who think that the secret may be found in the program code, sorry, you’ll be doomed.”.  DP’s own Kristine Roper solved the puzzle, which turned out to be a simple crytograph:

First line: micewithvisualdefe
Second line: ctsflemingsbon
Third line: dbooksminusonest
Fourth line: atesbeginningwit
Fifth line: hkcamerafeetgolf
Sixth line: cryovertwobandit
Seventh line: armseightysixpar
Eighth line: tnereagleparfour
Ninth line: askforlsanderson

Which breaks down into the following riddles (and what we believe are the correct answers):

mice with visual defects  = 3 (Three Blind Mice)
flemings bond books minus one = 12 (could also be 13)
states beginning with k = 2 (Kansas and Kentucky)
camera feet = 3 (tripod)
golf cry over two = 2 (“Four” divided by 2)
bandit arms  = 1 (one-armed bandit)
eighty six partner = 86
eagle par four = 2  (finishing a hole 2 strokes under par is called an eagle)
ask for l sanderson (obviously L. Sanderson was someone who worked at/for Penguin)

“Golf cry over two” might also be interpreted as 2 separate riddles, which would give:

golf cry = 4 (“Four”)
over two = 1 (“1” is over “2” on a clock face)

The riddle “eighty six partner” might also be interpreted differently, since “eighty-six” is slang for making someone (or something) disappear, so if you eighty-six your partner, there’s just you (1)

So the correct phone number is likely one of four possibilities:


FYI - The phone # listed in the company’s ads is (312)232-1984

· 2 release versions exist.  The cassette version has a less-detailed title screen (picture #2) than the disk version (picture #3).


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