Commodore 64-128-Plus/4 computers


· The game’s packaging states part of your objective is to unlock the riddle of the Chief Examiner.  Although the Chief Examiner tied all the Questprobe titles together, there doesn’t appear to be an in-game puzzle or riddle about him.  This is possibly just a reference to the Questprobe comics.

· The manual includes 10 clues.  #2 states, "There are two formulas that you need to make your web fluid.", but there only seems to be one (there is “formula” in the crib, but it can’t be used for anything).

· An FAQ can be found online on DP’s FAQ page at:

· When you solve the game, you get the message “Chief Examiner appears & says; ‘Save this password: MICAH’.  FANTASTIC!  You’ve solved it ALL!  The Adventure is over.  Want to try this Adventure again?” (pictures #1 and #2).

· The text parser only looks at the first 4 letters of any word, so you can save some time typing in commands like ‘rais ther’ and ‘empt aqua’.  {Scott Stilphen}


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