Commodore 64-128-Plus/4 computers

Legacy of the Ancients

Unlimited money: Get a Topaz museum coin and a Jade museum coin (do this by killing thieves and other monsters). Go to the Museum and find the Currency exhibit. Every time you go there, the exhibit will offer a free sample of gold (iIf you use the topaz coin). Once you get it, find the Thornberry town exhibit, and use the Jade coin to get there. Deposit some money in the bank, and if you're strong enough, rob the bank. It is well worth robbing the Thornberry bank multiple times, since they have a large mint.

BUG: Usually the thief will steal your compendium and go to the castle, but if you manage to blow up the castle before the thief steals it, heíll still go there even though it no longer exists!  If this happens, the game canít be beaten.  {Todd Rogers}

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