Commodore 64-128-Plus/4 computers


· Once you reassemble the document (picture #1) and take them to Washington, a “fake” Washington Post article appears, telling of your accomplishment (picture #2).

· Solution:


Security Satellite codes: 1 – MAGMA, LTD.  2 – AX-0310479  3 – HYDRAULIC  4 – AUSTRALIA

Locations and items (in order):

Switzerland – offer case; buy both items
Egypt – offer chronograph; buy both items
Greece – offer scarab; buy no items
Russia – offer statue;, buy no items
New York – offer deed, buy stocks
Japan – offer stocks; buy both items
China – offer pearls; buy jade
Cuba – offer jade; buy no items
London – offer camera; buy album
California – offer album; buy no items

· Activision offered hint sheets on the game, of which scans can be found online on DP’s FAQ page at:


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