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According to designer John Morgan, the original design for this game called for a crab that walked around a rectangular wall. Eggs inside would bounce around breaking through the wall until they broke free to become tadpoles. The title of the game was going to be King Crab. The eggs were later changed to animals and the crab became Zeke the zoo keeper.

Start the game, build the first wall of bricks a bit without jumping, and immediately crash into an animal. If you have never jumped before, you won't lose a life. The game will simply advise you that you need to jump over animals to avoid them and round 1 will start again from its beginning. Best of all, you get to keep the wall of bricks that you built a bit.

The free game icon pops up on one of the platforms on the coconut screen It comes out like one of the bonuses, but instead it says "Free Game" in a little box. When it appears, it has its own little tune too (and it usually pops up opposite of where you are, so if you are at the bottom of the screen, it will come out at the top).  If you have a Zoo Keeper, go into options and set the "Free Game Rate" to 99 to make it appear more frequently. If it's set to 0, it won't come out at all. The Zoo Keeper flyer actually has a note saying that the free game feature maybe prohibited in some states!

On the coconut boards, when you jump onto the top ledge, you get some points. Jump off the ledge then onto it again; you'll get twice as many points. And again, for four times as many. The bonus keeps doubling until 300K per land. The best board to try this on is the board where the ledges are invisible. It's kind of hard to jump on then off, but so few coconuts are thrown that you have lots of room for error.

During the game, the score counter can only show 6 digits, but if you score more than that, the full score will appear in the high score table.

The maximum bonus points you can get for jumping on the top platform is 300,000.

BUG: The first version sometimes gives you 1 or 2 credits when you turn it on.

BUG: On higher coconut levels, the platforms are invisible.  This was unintentional but the programmer decided to leave it in.

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