Apple II computers


EASTER EGG: The letters EP (for original Apple II designer/programmer Eric Parker) and NGSP (?) can be seen on the final screen (picture #1).  EP is on the bottom-left corner (at the end of the river) and NGSP is on the right side along the shore.  {Scott Stilphen}

The original (Apple II) version is often referred to as Conan: Hall of Volta, but the title screen and packaging refer to it as simply Conan.

The game came out in 1984, to coincide with the Conan the Destroyer movie; the box even features a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger as he appears in that movie. However, the game has nothing to do with the movie beyond the box photo. The (unsubstantiated) reason for this is because the game was originally called Visigoth and featured a boomerang-throwing character. Apparently one of the screenshots on the back of the box is from a prototype version, and shows a boomerang instead of a sword.


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