Atari 400/800/XL/XE/XEGS systems


EASTER EGG: According to programmer Landon Dyer, an Easter egg is known to exist in the latest version. To trigger it, reset the game after completing a stage (while the screen is flashing yellow) and the message "4 A GOOD TIME JSR 91BD" will scroll across the bottom of the screen (picture #2).  "JSR" is a programming instruction that means Jump to SubRoutine, and is the computer assembly language equivalent of "CALL", and "91BD" refers to a memory location.  According to Dyer, ď91BD was supposed to do something more interesting (I dunno, maybe a shower of pacmen or ghosts or something), but I didnít finish it up.Ē For more information about this, check out Don's site:  {Don Hodges}

2 prototype versions are known to exist.  The earlier one, dated 6-14-84 (picture #1), doesnít have scrolling text on the title screen or the Easter egg Ė both of which are in the later version (picture #2).  Also, the bonus starís appearance is based on a timer in the earlier version; in the later version itís based on how much of the playfield you clear, as it is with the arcade version.

The program will automatically detect what system itís running on (400/800 or 5200) and configure itself for that system.


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