Atari 400/800/XL/XE/XEGS systems


· EASTER EGG: Press SHIFT+CONTROL+I to reveal programmer Larry Kaplan’s message to his sons,“I LOVE SUSIE AND BENJY TOO” (picture #2).

· The 5200 version (pictures #3 and #4) is actually a modified version of the 400/800 version (pictures #1 and #2).  Besides having a larger playfield area, colors, and copyright date, the arcade-like sound effects of the 400/800 version have been replaced.  Also, the blocks “melt” away when hit, instead of simply disappearing.

· Pressing 1 during a game will give you 5 extra serves! 

· BUG: The game is simply called “Breakout” on the screen (picture #3).

· RUMOR: Is the hidden message from the 400/800 version (picture #2) in this version?


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