Atari 400/800/XL/XE/XEGS systems


· There are a few minor differences between the 5200 version and the 400/800 version.  (1) Copyright - the 400/800 version displays “STAR RAIDERS COPYRIGHT 1979” at power-up; the 5200 doesn’t, although the text for it is still in the code (2) Dying - if you are killed by Zylons or a meteor, the message “DESTROYED BY ZYLON FIRE" appears; the 5200 version corrects this by simply showing “DESTROYED”.  (3) Galactic Chart - the 400/800 version uses different icons to denote your position on the galactic chart than the 5200 version (pictures #1 and #2). The star base graphics are also slightly different between the 2 (the 5200 version has a small ‘hole’ in the center of them).  (4) Hyperspacing - the 5200 version switches to fore view automatically if hyperspace is engaged (and won’t let you view any other screens until you stop); the 400/800 version doesn’t. .

· Scanner trick: Put the long range scan screen up and move your ship so that there's a Zylon ship in a straight line in front of yours and FIRE.  You’ll see your shot move to the point where it meets the Zylon ship – at the *exact* it does, switch back to forward view. In most cases, you'll destroy the ship!

· Hyperspace trick: If you don't want to wait the seven or so clicks for your ship to accelerate, press G immediately after pressing H, and then press F just before “HYPERSPACE” appears on screen (or you will end up at the wrong sector). You will need to correct your course on higher levels, but the amount of time wasted will be much lower.  {Kurt Howe}

· Game over trick: It’s possible to finish the game with 0 energy left!  To do this, you must hit the last Zylon ship just as your counter reads “0000” (picture #3), at which point you’re technically still alive.  Otherwise, as soon as it goes negative, you die (and the instant that happens, the collision-detection on any photon torpedoes still visible gets turned off).  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: The original run of carts had a typo on the label, incorrectly titling it as “Star Raider” (picture #4).  A picture of it also appears in the book, “Your Atari Computer" on page 9.

· RUMOR: Early cart releases had a bug where if you pressed Control-G, the map screen graphics would be garbled.  {Andreas Koch}



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