Atari 400/800/XL/XE/XEGS systems


· If the game is played on a system with more than 48k, you’ll see extra animation scenes showing Spider-Man forcing the elevator doors open and shooting his web.

· The game’s packaging states part of your objective is to unlock the riddle of the Chief Examiner.  Although the Chief Examiner tied all the Questprobe titles together, there doesn’t appear to be an in-game puzzle or riddle about him.  This is possibly just a reference to the Questprobe comics.

· The manual includes 10 clues.  #2 states, "There are two formulas that you need to make your web fluid.", but there only seems to be one (there is “formula” in the crib, but it can’t be used for anything).  Perhaps they meant to state “two chemicals”?

· When you solve the game, you get the message I’ve stored 18 gems, on a scale of 0 to 100 that rates a: 100 CHIEF EXAMINER appears and says: ‘Congratulations!’ & ‘Save this password: MICAH’.” (picture #2).

· "Micah" (Spider-Man), "Aria" (Hulk), and "Maegen" (Fantastic Four) are the names of programmer Scott Adam's kids.  It was thought that the passwords were part of a Chief Examiner statement or riddle, since Micah (Synn) and Aria are also other Marvel characters, and because 12 games were planned for the Questprobe series (along with an accompanying Marvel comic book).  Only 3 games/comics were made.  The fourth comic starring the X-Men was already finished and was published years later in another series called Marvel Fanfare. Adventure International went out of business while game number four was being written (most likely X-Men).

· BUG: Spider-Man is misspelled as “Spier-Man” in the opening text! (picture #1)

· BUG: If you use the command ‘take chemicals’ or ‘get chemicals’ anywhere, the input parser will become messed up.  Use ‘get all’ or ‘take all’ instead. {Scott Stilphen} 


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