Atari 400/800/XL/XE/XEGS systems


· There are only 2 parts to the game, which repeat indefinitely.  In the first, you have to reach your base (picture #1); in the second, you have to reach the Sci-base (picture #2). The game is missing the very first part, which is in the Commodore C-128 version.  It’s also missing the voice synthesis, which is in both the C-64 and C-128 versions.

· In the first part, the program only checks a small area under the car, and there are two points where it's possible to sneak through the landscape. 1st - as you accelerate LEFT, the road goes down and then straight, after which there’s a really twisty bit where you can sneak through.  2nd - look for the road that looks like the letters “MS”. There are two similar gaps at the bottom of the “S”. Of the two, the latter is the better because you’ll come out just above the bridge at the bottom of the map.

· BUG: The game is much easier to play on a PAL system (it runs faster on an NTSC, but your bike runs slower.  This is because only the clock is synchronized to VBLANK.


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