Atari 400/800/XL/XE/XEGS systems


· EASTER EGG: The programmer initials "LMD" (for programmer Landon M. Dyer) will appear on the title screen (picture #1) if you do the following:

1.  Play a game (any difficulty level) and get a score of 33,000 through 33,900.  This score must become the new high score.  Other base scores that will work are 37,000 ; 73,000 ; and 77,000.  The hundreds digit can be anything, as can the hundred thousands digit.

2.  Kill off all of your remaining lives.  However, your last life must be killed off by falling too far - by walking or jumping off a girder that is too high to land safely.  If the last life is killed any other way, the egg will not appear.

3.  Set the game difficulty to 4 (the icon for this difficulty is a firefox).

4.  Wait a few minutes, and the demo screen where Kong jumps across the screen will appear, after which the title screen will appear with the initials at the bottom of the screen.  {Don Hodges}

· Landon Dyer states that the release version isn’t the final version he worked on; the final version corrected some minor glitches such as the Mario bug (listed below).

· The highest possible score is 999,900, at which point the counter stops (picture #2).  The difficulty will remain at the highest level, and you won’t be able to earn a free man.

· BUG: When Donkey Kong opens his mouth there are 2 stray pixels in it – one blue and one orange (picture #3).

· BUG: When certain objects (such as barrels) pass in front of a ladder, the ladder can still be seen (picture #4).

· BUG: When Mario dies, the character’s graphics overlap each other.

· BUG: If you get to level 10 or higher, a level number won’t be shown. 


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