Atari 400/800/XL/XE/XEGS systems


· EASTER EGG: At the title screen, hold down the FIRE button on joystick #4 and then press OPTION – the message “THE SECRET MESSAGE” will appear (picture #1) in place of “PRESS SELECT FOR”. This only works with the original released version.  {Frantisek Houra}

· 2 prototype versions exists (pictures #2 and #3) which has a nicer title screen, sound effects when changing settings, and a longer air hose.  However, the gameplay is rough/slow. Also, your character comes out to dig the tunnel for every new round, and if you drop a rock on yourself just as the last enemy escapes off-screen, it will pass through you but you’ll still die, and you won’t actually lose a life - the game will advance to the next round, even if no lives remained! 

· 3 versions exist!  The original released version (pictures #4 and #5) resembles the prototype version. Atari later released the 5200 version for the 400/800 (pictures #6 and #7), which included a “Dig It!  Player Update” info sheet, detailing such changes as the added difficulty levels, a children’s level, and other enhancements (able to continue at the last level reached, inflating monsters when they are ghosts, etc).  Datasoft also ended up re-releasing the 5200 version (with an extra title screen – pictures #8 and #9)

· BUG: (original version) 2 byte-rollover bugs exist. At level 128, the veggie becomes a white Pooka worth a lot of points. Also, when you roll the levels over after 256 screens, the next level has no vertical tunnel (since normally it is dug for you when you begin a new game).  {Kurt Howe}




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