Atari 400/800/XL/XE/XEGS systems


· Secret areas: Throwing grenades at specific areas will blast open a hole that leads to a hidden area where you’ll find 4 prisoners.  Each GI you rescue is worth 2,000 points! There’s believed to be 8 hidden bonus areas to find, across the 8 different levels.  So far only 5 have been found:

(Duty 1, Area 1) There are 2 spots - either the 2nd mesa on the right side (picture #1) or the left side of the first bridge (picture #2).  The hidden area is the same for both (picture #3), however you can only access one - if you enter the mesa hole, when you exit you’ll be past the first bridge.

(Duty 2, Area 1) Hit the center of the 2nd mesa (picture #4).

(Duty 2, Area 2) Hit the left side of the 1st bridge right after the caves (picture #5).

(Duty 2, Area 2) Hit the center of the first bunker on the right (picture #6).

· The secret prisoner areas are booby-trapped.  Avoid any pixels that are gray or green in color!

· BUG: When you rescue a prisoner, you’ll briefly see some blinking pixels where his feet were.


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