Atari 400/800/XL/XE/XEGS systems


· EASTER EGG: One area of the game (known as Price Commons in the 16-bit versions of the game) when mapped out, spells "Philip Price" (the creator of the series).

· The game was originally to be a 6-part series – City, Dungeon, Arena, Palace, Wilderness, Revelation, and Destiny – but Price stopped work on it before Dungeon was completed (the version Datasoft released was an abbreviated version).  The main goal of the City is to create a map of it and to build up a strong character (at least level 10).  A map was available from Datasoft (and even a T-shirt!).

· Although the manual states that 1 hour in the game equals 4 minutes in real time, the time elapse is different depending on which system you use (and none are 4 minutes) - on an 800 it’s 3 minutes; XL/XE is 2:50; PAL XL/XE is 3:50.

· The Atari 8-bit version has subliminal messages that flash across the screen in large 25 point white text, with sayings such as: "This is the best game you have ever played", "Philip Price is a programming god", "This Atari version is far better than any other", "You are not tired of playing AR, you are having tons of fun, keep playing, nothing else matters", and "Ignore everything around you, focus on this game only!"

· Modifying character stats: Load the game and select a temporary character. When the loading procedure ends, press RESET. Load a disk copier into memory and copy DISK2, SIDE 1 of the city to any blank disk. Next, load the game (using your original disks) as usual and create a new character. When you enter any Guild for the first time, you are given an increase in on of your stats. Enter any Guild, leave, press P to pause, insert the new disk, and press S to save your character. Your character will be able to enter Guilds and increase their stats as many times as they require.

· The game doesn't decide what a potion is until it is unsealed. By saving your character before unsealing it, you can repeat this until you get a desired potion!  {A. K. Einbergs}

· The maximum number of flasks and food packets you can have is 255.  If you purchase more than that, they won’t be counted.

· The copy-protection scheme used was unique: attempting to run a copy resulted in "the long arm of the law”, arresting you once you got your stats and entered. It even showed a graphic of "Men in Black" and then the game just shut down (on the ST/Amiga/PC versions, your character would be generated pure evil with no hope of redemption).

· BUG: The documentation says there are 14 Guilds but there’s only 12.

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