Atari 5200 Super System


· Besides the Mad Bomber’s “happy” and “sad” expressions, he also shows a “shocked” expression when reaching 10,000 points (see picture)!  This is mentioned in the manual.

· BUG: If you start round 7 with the last 3 digits of your score being either 308, 309, 310, 311, 312 or 313, intentionally miss the last bomb.  You’ll earn a free bucket and be dropped back a level for missing a bomb, but the game will forget to penalize you a bucket, so you’ll start again at an easier level with an extra bucket! Using this info, there is a strategy that can be used to exploit it.  Here’s the pattern: 

1) Complete levels 1 - 6 (score will be 1,000)
2) Only catch 12 bombs in level 7 (score will be 1,084)
3) Catch every bomb in level 6 (score will be 1,312)
4) Do the trick (score will be 2,005)
5) Catch all bombs in level 6
6) Drop the LAST bomb in level 7
7) REPEAT steps 5 - 6
8)Catch all bombs in level 6 (score will be 4,075)
9) ONLY CATCH 1 BOMB in level 7 (score will be 4,082)
10) REPEAT steps 4 - 9!

Now, you'll notice something interesting if you can do this without flaw.  The last three digits of the target score on level 7, to set up the trick, is 079-085. This is the only range that will allow you to do the trick by catching all the level 6 bombs, and then all but the last bomb in level 7. Doing the above strategy, you'll first hit *084. Afterwards, when you follow my plan, after step #9, you'll end up with *082. Then the next time you finish step #9, you'll have *080. As you can see, the score will count down the even numbers on the target range. When you get back to step #9, you have to catch 2 bombs in level 7, which will then put your score at *085. Then you'll notice that it will count down the odds in the target range...*083, *081, *079. After that, again on step #9, catch 2 bombs on level 7 to get your score at *084. From there, it will cycle endlessly, as long as you don't mess up! {Doug Korekach}


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