Atari 5200 Super System


· The 5200 version (picture #1) has a different menu from the 400/800 version (picture #2), but otherwise it’s the same.

· BUG: Unlike the arcade version, the Swarmers don’t fire behind themselves!  The programmer forgot to program them to.  {Steve Baker}

· BUG: For some reason, waves 87-89 have only a few landers, and no additional mini-waves of them will appear.  There’s also an abundance of bombers. They’re often referred to as “bomber” waves since so many appear.  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: The wave counter only goes up to 99.  At a result, the game will also reset the number of humanoids back to 10 every time you clear a wave!  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: The game seems to stop soon after reaching 8 million.  The wave will end, your points will be totaled, and then “GAME OVER” will appear!  {Scott Stilphen}



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