Atari 5200 Super System


· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Every time you complete a level or screen, you are shown a word (or group of words) which are part of a message; and there’s one message for every completed skill level (or every 8 levels):

Level 1 - If More/than/one/says/you are/a donkey/get a/saddle
Level 2 – Did/Eve/count/Adam’s/ribs/when he/came/late?
Level 3 – Poverty/is not a/disgrace/but/nobody/wants/that/honor
Level 4 – Love/makes/us/blind/deaf/dumb/and/married
Level 5 – I/sure/trust/you/but/please/send/cash
Level 6 – Life/is/a dream/so now/you go/to/level/one

· After completing skill level 6 (level 48) is finished, the game starts back at skill level 1difficulty but the level counter keeps going.

· 100 carts were made for the 5200, and each one has its own serial number which is on the box as well as in the game code.  To reveal it, plug in two controllers and slowly press 7-3-7-4-2-5 on controller #1.

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