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Bored, bored, BORED! It's time to break out an old favorite and start making new, INTERESTING games out of it. Better still, let's see if we can BREAK the games by breaking the rules! Digital Press has often been dubbed the "naughty gamer" site... who better than our own Kristine Roper to demonstrate why that is so?

Back Editions: Not-so-Final Fantasy X - Beating Mother Brain Again - Making an Adventure Of It - Making an Adventure Of It

Collector's Corner

Collectors, lookie here. We wanna show you something.

Back Editions: Complete 32X Collection (photos) - Activision Patches Gallery - Atari 2600 & ColecoVision Prototypes - Atari 2600 unreleased games: Entity, Looping, Mark of the Mole, Meltdown, Pink Panther, Rush Hour, Sky Patrol, Snow White, Wings - Collecting in Argentina - Original Columbia House Flyers - The CommaVid Story - Electronic Games Magazine Promo - Prototype Cornucopia - GCC Company Catalog - Intellivision Returns! - Reasons to Enjoy Odyssey2 - Complete Sega CD Collection (photos)- Complete Sega Pico Collection (photos) - Selling the Entire Collection - X-Arcade Review

Got a taste for the obscure? Peek inside. You might learn a thing or two.

Back Editions: Listening to Games - Embracing the Badness - A Look Back at 3DO - Fightin' Words - PSX SHMUPS - PC to Console RPG's - Rally Games - Mega CD Revisited - Driving Games - Rhythm Games - Freelancing for Sony - The Name Game - The Un-Mod Squad - The Sportin' Life I - Square/Enix - Gizmondo

We've all heard the phrase "that is the worst game EVER", but would those accusations hold up in a court of law? In "Double Jeopardy", Kid Ice puts these games on trial a second time to determine if they are as bad as their reputations claim.

Back Editions: Superman 64 - Coleco

If some of the recent eBay auctions have you scratching your head, the "gremlin" will take care of that itch. Up close and personal with the buyers, sellers, and sometimes innocent bystanders.

Back Editions: Episode I - Episode II

Not all gaming stories occur in front of the television. In fact, many of the best ones take place "outside the box", quite literally! In "Extended Play", Rob "Flack" O'Hara tells us his tales where gaming meets real life, and vice versa.

Back Editions: Genesis 2004 -Active Imagination - Ed Harris and TI-99/4A- Bested

If you’ve been collecting for any length of time, then you’ve probably accumulated a lot of cool stuff.  Stuff you love.  Stuff you treasure.  Stuff you never touch.  You know how it is: you acquire something, you’re excited about it at first, but eventually you put the item away and promptly forget about it.  In other words, what once was “found” has now become “lost” (get it?). ”Found & Lost” is all about delving into your collection, dusting off your favorites, finally firing up those untried games you’ve had for years, admiring the gaming memorabilia you’ve acquired, remembering why you wanted all this stuff in the first place.

Back Editions: Our Holy Grail is a Dixie Cup - Redemption of a Fanboy - Posteriffic! - Fast-Food Memories - Castle-Mania - Hitting the Books

If you've ever been a broke gamer, you'll love Free for All, a column all about free games.  All the games reviewed in Free for All are available free for download -- honest injun! 

Back Editions: An Adventurous Onset

Get behind the scenes with our resident gaming history buffs as they track down legends and icons from videogaming's rich past.


Journey back with long-time journalist Leonard Herman to the days when the newest game releases were mere whispers and shadows, mock-ups and promises in just a handful of game magazines. Leonard shares true stories from the heyday of trade shows including galleries of many long lost press releases, catalogs, and flyers.

Back Editions: In the Beginning - Toy Fair

Collectors need that "happy place" to store, display, and enjoy their goodies, right? Join our architect of gaming for a session in improving your room's functionality and look.

Back Editions: Cabinet-Level Positions - Marquee Attractions - And Through the Wires, I Touched the Power

Call it "The Lighter Side of Gaming", if you will, but "JoySchtick" just sounds so much cooler! Join Tim Snider through his irreverant (and completely true) misadventures in videogaming.

Back Editions: I'm So Dizzy - Atari Without Electricity - The Calculator Video Game Book - Hot Videogame XXX Porn - Atari 2600, I Love You - Out of Control

The legend is in da house! Bill "Game Doctor" Kunkel shares his tales of gaming past, present, and future.

Back Editons: True Confessions - Console Sports Games - The Pick Axe Pete Pick-Off - Fear and Loathing at CES - Lucky Wander Boy - An Answered Prayer, Part I - An Answered Prayer, Part II - Can Sony Make the Big Comeback

It's the greatest single piece of software ever developed. Let's take 'er out for a spin.

Back Editons: Controllers! - Burgertime Series - FIRE - Double Dragon Series - Winter Games - Buggy Games  - Japan SHMUPS - Data East - Biomechanical Toy/Cybattler/Tinkle Pit/Tube Panic  - Awful 80's  - Horizontal Shooters I - Sequels I - Sequels II - Blaster/Blast-Off/Crazy Climber II/Elevator Action Returns - Pinball/Video Game Combos - Pac-Man Plus/Ninja Gaiden/Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja - Wild Western/The Togyu - Kangaroo/Springer/JJ Squawkers - Bowl-O-Rama/Capcom Bowling/League Bowling/World Class Bowling

Under the spotlight, the games that we see as landmarks. Even if they didn't realize it yet.

Back Editions: Cerebral Games for Twitch Gamers I - Cerebral Games for Twitch Gamers II - The Magic Touch - Parappin' with Rodney Greenblat - Dazed and Confused -

On the Prowl

What we've been hunting lately, through the eyes of the hunter.

Back Editions: Monkey on My Back - Don't Fear the Neuter - Now and Then

Out of time? Take a minute to read this and we'll give you ways to use future minutes for gaming.

Back Editons: Rise of the Triad - Jakks' Atari 2600 10-in-1 - Davenport's Pizzeria - BBS Memories - Monkeying Around and Laying Some Tile


The latest in ranting and raving by the best in the business at doing so.

Back Editions: I'm Back! - While the Cats are Away - Prototype Philosophy - To Show or Not to Show

Is it the evil opposite of "Pressed for Time"? It's not THAT evil, really. Join timekiller Adam Gallant as he guides you toward the great epics and steers you away from the tedium. It's all about time well spent with games that take, well, time.

Back Editions: Myst & 7th Guest - 16-Bit RPG's - It's In the Cards - Genesis

Wacky World of AL

AL's take on collecting, gaming, the universe and everything.

Back Editions: Hollywood Looks at the Movies Part VI - Hollywood Looks at the Movies Part VII - Solved Mysteries - Skateboardin' Walkthrough - Video Game Update

A Woman's Touch by Monique Trulson

A dangerous new perspective on video gaming.

Back Editions: Neutral? - A Tale of Two Dragon's Lair

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