Skateboardin' Solutions

What to do for my next column? Decisions, decisions? Then I realized that I hadn’t done a game solution or a map in quite some time. OK, what game? According to my research, most had already been done by others, or yours truly. Here is one game that seems to have been missed. It is a decent game with good graphics, but it has one thing that must have caused a lot of frustration. I am talking about the difficulty getting back on the skateboard. The trick is that you must have enough running room in the direction you want to go. You must first pick up the board by walking to the middle of it. Then run with it and fire to drop and jump on it. Just be sure to allow yourself enough room. If it is too crowded, use another room. It takes some patience to master this feat. I still have trouble sometimes. Any time you hit a wall, you will fall off your board. The object of Super Skateboardin’ is to shut off all electricity within 15 minutes after closing time (5PM).

The detail map shows where to find all the sources of electricity that must be shut off. Each light must be shut off by jumping up. The rest of the appliances and machinery are shut on or off by passing their switch boxes. The number rows represent all the floors from the lowest basement level up to the roof. The letter columns are used to mark off the rooms. All of the tube entrances have been numbered according to the best sequence that I have come up with to solve this maze. Please note that a lot of times you should finish working on a floor you just reached before continuing up or down.

This map may look like a plate of spaghetti, but it can be broken down in easy to perform sections by using the pause button. For instance just remember for the beginning: across-down-down-up-across. Then hit PAUSE. You will now be in a position to go into the #4 tube entrance in room E3, bought some time to check the map, and plan your next few moves. You also have to remember to shut off all possible electrical devices along the way. I will leave the rest of the breakpoints up to the reader. There is enough time, even with map lookups or retracing your steps, to complete this game. Just keep an eye on the decreasing power usage meter on the left as you shut things off. When you have everything off, it will flash EXIT. Make a beeline for the front door, but be careful not to turn anything back on. The game is beaten when you get the flashing YOU WIN! message. The game still has replay value because you can strive for a faster time.

If you are by room E9 and you have just shut off the coffee pot (last item) and you still don’t get a flashing EXIT, you have missed something along the way. You still might have time left to backtrack up or down. You can see 3 floors simultaneously. Look for something still on. If you find it, pause and plan an access route by using the map.


1) To get a good start, pick up the board, but jump on in the first room.

2) A lot of times you may have set something back on as you entered a tube. When it is close to an entrance, you may have to turn it back on so that when you exit it will be shut back off.

3) To bypass a tube entrance you have to be standing up on your board.

4) To enter a tube entrance, you have to be in a crouch on your board.

5) Try to shut off all lights by jumping non-stop. Once they’re off, they stay off.

6) To avoid turning anything back on, jump up over the logical switch location.

7) Be careful on the roof, you can fall to your doom if you go too far.


It is possible for your skateboard to get stuck in a doorway. This happens when it is sticking out exactly halfway between adjacent rooms. Every time you try to pick it up or move it, it won’t work because it gets stuck between the room/screen changes. There is no way out of this, you may as well hit reset.


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