Classic Videoaming
Achievement Awards 2001

Now in our eleventh year covering the classics, we feel it'sour responsibility to recognize the folks who make the classics come to life (orkeep them breathing). This year's annual awards are listed below. Thenominations were submitted by me to various gaming forums and the Digital Pressstaff handled the voting. There were at least three entries in each category.

Taito's Elevator Action, released in August at CGE2k1 edged out Combat II and Lord of the Rings for this year's title. Despite its lack of sound, the combination of packaging, quality gameplay, and utter surprise won our panels' vote. A very close vote ended with Daniel Bienvenu and Sylvain de Chantal's Ms. Space Fury taking this year's coveted trophy over a quality group of competitors in Joe Grand's SCSI-cide, Andrew Davie's QB, and Chad Schell's Cuttle Cart. The sheer depth of this game - 20 levels, different gamestyles for 1 or 2-player play, simultaneous 2-player mode, and solid gameplay earned Daniel and Sly this years' award. CGE Services got the nod over Namco and Hozer, who respectively quenched the thirst of classic gamers on all consoles. CGE Services' release of Elevator Action for Atari 2600 and Joust, Pac-Man, and Dig Dug for ColecoVision, four exclusive 2001 games, got the nod.
Join us in honoring this year's winners by visiting their websites and checking out their goods:


Elevator Action

Ms. Space Fury
(Bienvenu & de Chantal)

CGE Services

Spy Hunter
(Midway) won this one by a landslide, storming onto the scene with an intuitive and informative "everything Atari" website. If you haven't checked this out yet, get over there! Midway's Spy Hunter for the PS2 is a true testament to both quality cutting-edge gaming AND nostalgic respect for the original. It won decisively over two other solid titles, Bomberman Online and Gauntlet Dark Legacy.


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