Genesis Football Frenzy (1992)

by Joe Santulli

It's getting close to Super Bowl time, and that means football season is in full gear.  But we Genesis owners can play football every day instead of just Sundays and Monday nights.  Why wait?  Here is a brief side-by-side comparison of each of the five football games available, done up like the golf "side-by-side" we featured in Digital Press # 1.  If you're looking to purchase a cart, let this chart be your guide:
OPTION Madden Montana Ditka Madden 92 Montana II
  Number of Teams 17 26 26 27 26
  Stats Frequency Qtrly Demand Qtrly Half Often
  Computer Opponent Weak Good Good Smart Varies
  Approx. # of Plays 130 50 40 130 70
  Horizontal/Vertical Vert Vert Vert Vert Horiz
  Scouting Report? Y Y Y Y n
  Turf/Grass Option? n n n Y Y
  Weather Options? Y n Y Y Y
  Wind? n n Y Y Y
  Practice Mode? n Y Y Y n
  Playoff Mode? Y Y Y Y Y
  Full Season Mode? n n n n Y
  Player Ratings? Y n Y Y Y
  Coin Toss? n Y Y n n
  Substitutions? n n Y QB n
  Injuries? n n Y QB n
  Zoom Mode? n n n n Y
  2 Player Teammates? n n n Y Y
  Instant Replay? n n n Y Y
  Trade Across Teams? n n n n Y
  All-Pro Team? Y n n Y n
  Scoring Drive Stats? n n n Y n


MADDEN: FEATURES: Playoff mode features "games in progress" scores and highlights; passing windows make QB'ing easy; more player control than others, allowing spins, dives, and jumps; true-sounding on-field action; accurate team jersey colors for home and away; audibles vary from team to team.  DRAWBACKS: Quiet crowd, desolate sidelines; weak computer opponent.

MONTANA: FEATURES: 10,20,30,40,50,60 minute game options; very animated referee; good music; computer suggests "Joe's Play".  DRAWBACKS: Dull graphics; passing requires flipping through eligible receivers; limited kicking game; no player stats.

DITKA: FEATURES: Practice field goal kicking; substitution of any player, even in wrong positions; "Get Ready" message on change of possession; good crowd sounds; bullet passes or lobs; 3,5,10,15 minute quarters.  DRAWBACKS: "Freeze" passing mode ruins game momentum; no control of defense on kicking game; team jerseys often do not emulate NFL colors; no play selection for defense on a punt; very choppy and undetailed graphics.

MADDEN 92: FEATURES: All the features of MADDEN I intact; computer player adapts to your style and plays accordingly; instant replay allows isolation on selected player; close-to-first-downs are measured with the chain; endzone and QB sack dances; bullet passes or lobs; QB injuries produce ambulance on the field; digitized crowd cheers and boos home team; open games allow weather and field type selection.  DRAWBACKS: ?

MONTANA II: FEATURES: "Sports Talk" announcer has 250+ word vocabulary; "Zoom" mode scales players to 6x size; "Dream Team" drafting allows you to acquire superstars from other teams; 2 player teammate options allow one player to be offensive coordinator and the other to be defensive; 16 week season plus playoffs.  DRAWBACKS: Pass receivers drift off the screen; team jerseys often do not emulate NFL colors; players seem to "glide" on the playfield.


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