How to make a ColecoVision cartridge

by Joe Santulli

I personally constructed 90 Ms. Space Fury carts for the Digital Press 10-year Anniversary celebration just prior to CGE 2001. I seriously doubt I'll ever do anything crazy like this ever again. God bless people who have this kind of patience.

First of all, you need:

-A ColecoVision PCB (printed circuit board)
-(if you don't have an empty PCB, you need) A de-soldering iron
-(if you don't have an empty PCB, you need) A used ColecoVision PCB
-One 27256 (32k) EPROM IC
-One 74LS08 IC
-An EPROM burner, I use the Intronics "Pocket Programmer"
-An EPROM eraser (unless you have a pre-erased or new EPROM), I use the Datarase II by Walling Co)
-A soldering iron, and solder, obviously
-A binary with the ColecoVision game on it
-A ColecoVision cartridge case (optional)
-A 28-pin EPROM socket (optional)

Here's how it's done.

1. Insert an erased (or new) 27256 EPROM into the EPROM burner.
2. Burn the ColecoVision binary image onto the EPROM, be sure to verify the binary against the chip before proceeding (your burner manual should have instructions for this).
3. If you're NOT using a new/empty PCB, you need to de-solder the PROM from an existing ColecoVision game PCB.
4a. If you have a socket, solder it to the PCB and skip step 4b. This is a good idea if you plan on re-using the EPROM for another game at a later date, you'll be able to pop it in and out of the socket.
4b. Solder the EPROM to the PCB.
5. Solder the small 74LS08 chip to the PCB.
6. Optionally, snap the PCB into the ColecoVision plastic cartridge casing.


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