Mysteries Solved
by Al Backiel

Back in issue #33, I posed several questions about video games which I laid out on the table in the hopes that our readers would be able to come up with the answers. I am pleased to report some progress. As far as my question "How does one dispose of the final boss in Midnight Mutants (7800)?" Here is a complete walk-through for your viewing pleasure courtesy of John K. Harvey. I was able to complete the game using his good advice, but I must admit, it still was not easy! The last boss was still mean and nasty. Now I know why they call them bosses. I was also able to get to an area that had been unreachable, i.e. the diamond at the base of the cliffs. Here then is the full solution:

Part I - Preparation. Opening screen. Go up to the mansion. Do not get the health or purity stuff. Go in the mansion. Go left, then up. Get the knife. Go back to start, avoiding the two life containers. Go right, into the church. Get the cross. Exit the church. While heading back to start, look for a path at the top of the screen. Take that. When you emerge in a pumpkin patch, (here’s a cool trick). Move left until you are far away from the path you came in on. Press down. If you end up on the path, you weren’t far enough over. When you make it down, press up. In front of you should be a lantern. If not, move to the right some, and you’ll see it. Pick it up. After getting the lantern, go up one screen. You should the path you came in on!! Get on the path, press down and take the path back to start (the heart area).

Part II - More Power. (Note: you are not powerful enough to kill the mutants yet).

Go all the way down from the start. Go right (be prepared to use your knife on the dogs!!). Go up when you are done going right. Go up again (one more screen). Go left until you hit the second path on your left (not including the one you are standing on).

Go up and get the diamond. Go back down. Go right two paths (to the original). Go up. Go up. Go all the way left. Touch the well to refresh your energy. Go into the cabin. Get the axe. Go into the fireplace (you have the lantern, yes?). Do not kill the green guys. Go right across skipping the first tunnel down and taking the second. You will pick up the diamond hidden in the cave in the cliffs. Go back to the cabin, exit, go to the well again. Go right, and take the first path up. Touch the little black thing in the center. You will warp to another area on the board. Get the diamond.

Part III - The Ram’s Head. Go down, and left until you see the third bush (on the bottom) which is missing a shadow. That is a secret path. Go down it, right and down to the next screen. Go left, get the diamond. Go right. Note: The dogs are ruthless when you go inside! Be prepared to whip out your axe! Keep going right, and pick up the blue health vial, and go up. It’s boss time! Hit the nub on the top of his head till he’s dead.

You are in the stable, go up. Out the bush. Go right to the start. Go up to the mansion (get the purify vial). Go in the mansion. Up. Up. Left. Up staircases (you can’t kill the guys on the stairs yet). At the top, shoot axes left and right and kill all zombies (should be about 7 more or less). When you hear a sound, or no zombies come after you, go left, and get the diamond. Go all the way right and go into the rightmost room at the top. Kill the zombies, and get the diamond. Exit the room, go left and into the next room. Kill all guys. Get the vial, which will recharge your health. Repeat in the next room. Get the diamond. Repeat in the next room. Get the purify vial. Purity restored! Exit. Go in the room on your left. Kill all. Get the key. Go down. Go in the room on the left. Get the diamond. Go out, up right, down 2 staircases, and right. Go down. Go left into the lab. Once in the lab, shoot axes left and right to kill all zombies (they will come to you). When they are dead, or you here a tone, go left thru the barbed wire. Get the blaster.

Go down.

Part IV - The Catacombs. Go left. Go all the way down, ‘til you hit a dead end. Kill all the green guys there by not moving when you get to the dead end screen. They can’t touch you when you are just entering that screen. Get the heavy blaster (ooh mama!) (Note: if you ever get less than 50% purity or need to use the life potion, DO IT). Go up, right, up, right, and up. Keep going up till you get to the ship. NOTE: IF YOU GET ON THE SHIP, DO NOT TOUCH THE GHOSTS! THEY STEAL YOUR DIAMONDS AND CAN NEVER BE RE-ACQUIRED! Go right in the ship, and get the necklace. Go down, go left, go up, left, up, right up. You should be out of the catacombs.

Part V - The Necklace. Go right thru the lab, exit, kill the 2 guys, get a diamond, go up the stairs, left, down twice and exit the mansion. Go down to start, getting the health vial. Use the right button to switch to the necklace. Go in and get the heart. Get out of there, go back to heavy blaster mode. Time to kick some butt!

Part VI - The Skull. Go right, and down into the crypt. Do not touch ANY ghosts! Go left. Switch to the key, open the crypt, switch to the blaster, go in the coffin, kill the skull by shooting into his eye sockets. Go up and out. Left to start. Up, up, left, get the diamond, back to start. Go left, then down (not behind the bush), go left, kill every zombie on the pier, get the diamond. You are now ready for some action. Go back to start. Go down to the cliffs. Go right to the end, go up, go right , go up (really far). Kill all four guys on the skull screen. DO NOT PRESS THE RIGHT BUTTON WHEN ALL ARE DEAD OR YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN, BECAUSE THE TOP OF THE SCREEN WILL CLOSE UP. It’s a cool bug. Go up. Kill all the guys. Get the vial. You should have full health and a vial in reserve. Go into the PA.

Part VII - Dr. Evil (This guy needs some q-tips). To kill Dr. Evil, you must shoot him in the ears when green crap comes out of them. I usually stay on the left, and move right when the head is right, hold down the button and move left, following him and shooting into his left ear. You will probably need to use the extra vial.

Part VIII - Grampa. Get the pumpkin. Go all the way down, left, down, all the way left, up to start, right, up to the pumpkin patch, move left, press down. Go into the circle. Set to pumpkin. Press button. The End! You can press the right button to see what Grampa says. Also, set your item to the blaster, and shoot. The field disappears! You can shoot around till you are bored enough to turn the game off. My best score was 9,975,000.

That’s it. I would just like to add a reminder to use the cross during heavy infestations of bats or birds. Also there is another diamond in the mansion on the first floor, right-hand corner that you can get by killing a few baddies.

One other question has been resolved. The multi-part question on contest results. In this case whether Waterworld was ever paid out. See John Hardie’s interview with Michael Rideout in issue #37 for full details.

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