by Mark Terry


I know you must be convulsing waiting to here the SwordQuest WaterWorld story so here it goes... For quite some time here in Florida you know that I have been going to various "fleas" and "pawn" shops looking for Atari stuff but with very limited success. No major titles or finds anywhere but a few "new to me" titles to keep the frustration level from rising too high. Also for some time, right across the street from Circuit City, there is a pawn shop that is very small but advertised Sega games among it's stuffage. My day had been going really sh*tty (Vanna may I buy a vowel?) so I treated myself to a sitdown, non-rushed lunch. After my meal I had some time to spare so I curtailed my wallpolling activities and sallied forth into the aforementioned place of business (I walked to the Pawn shop). It was your semi-typical pawn shop. All the normal stuff was there: old tools, old stereos, old unidentifiable pieces of metal and a closed off area filled with porno, porno and more hardcore porno (Not that I looked or anything). Feeling very let down and expecting the usual nothingness I still ventured forward. It was then that my suspicions were confirmed when I spied the 3, count them t-h-r-e-e, uninteresting Sega CD games. So much for advertising.

"This what you got for Sega games?" I says. "Yup. Had lots more before Christmas" pawn/porn man says. "Oh, I guess I missed out, huh?" I says. "Yup" porn/pawn man says. (Here it comes) "You got any old games like Atari or something" I say unenthusiastically. "Aaaahhhh Ummmmmmm uuuuuhhhh, I don't think so" pawn/porn man says. "Oh, okay" I says, feeling worse due to my current deja vu. "Wait.... Are those Atari games there on that bottom shelf" porn/porn man says.

I gander half-heartedly at the bottom shelf expecting the Combat, Atlantis, Pac-man gig. Then I saw them... all 3, count them t-h-r-e-e Atari games. But the one the top of the pile made my eyes squint in disbelief. Then the siriens went off in my head, my heart stopped for a split second before attempting it's escape by beating furiously against my breastbones, my eyes and body attempting not to let on the excitement and dreamlike state inside of me.....

A SwordQuest WaterWorld

"Oh, yeah. (pause) What do you want for them?" I says in my same lackluster tone of indifference. "I dunno. A dollar?" King Pawn/Porn Man says. "Oh, well I take one I guess." I says. I promptly hand over my last dollar. The only money I had left in my posession at that time and place. A quirk of fate or destiny that my lunch that afternoon didn't cost more or require a larger tip for outstanding service, but just enough to leave me that lone dollar that had a higher purpose.

I thanked pawn/porn man and with quivering hand, picked up the game that was now expelling and unearthly glow to it known only to me. A glow that was oblivious to pawn/porn man and the other patrons. "Thanks man." was the last thing is said as I walked out the door. My head swimming with conficting thoughts of belief, but it had happened. I held the cart in my hand and stared at it as I wandered down the sidewalk making the reality of it all rush forward. It had happened. It HAD happened!! I, by chance or fate, was now the extremely proud owner of an extemely rare, Digital Press "8" rated game known as SwordQuest WaterWorld!

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