Should Have Been a Sequel
by Kevin Oleniacz

There are many games which I feel were worthy of having sequels created. Because of the video game crash, system obsolescence, or a demand of games for other genres, many fine titles were overlooked. Following are a few sequels, both for classic and contemporary platforms, which I would like to see:

Adventure (Atari 2600) - I could play this game over and over, complete it every time and never get bored with it. It still amazes me as to why Atari elected to propose four installments of their shallow SwordQuest series while overlooking this classic. Despite the dragons’ comical appearance there’soom for improvement. More detail and fuller animation can be added. Castles could include hazardous pitfalls, locked doors and blocked passageways. Your on-screen adventurer, a “dot”, should remain miniaturized but it’s possible to show some resemblance to a human figure. A great deal of depth could be added. With the late ‘80’s release of Secret Quest (which, for a number of reasons I do not consider it to be a sequel) this has been proven to be possible for the 2600. Imagine touting a gun, detonating bombs to blow up obstacles or reveal secret passageways, or digging underground to find buried treasure. With a bit of effort, this game could have been awesome!

Crossbow (Atari 7800) - This is one of my favorite 7800 games. It has excellent graphics, offers several paths to choose from and closely mimics the arcade version. Crossbow II could maintain the same user friendly interface. Different scenery, improved animation and more elaborate sound effects would enhance the game play.

Escape from the Mindmaster (Atari 2600) - It’s one of my all-time favorite “deep thinking” games. Starpath usually discovered a way to manipulate games with simple graphics and concepts and mold it into a “closet classic”. The second installment could replace the vector graphics with the more common raster style sprites. The action could take place in a mansion or a mine. In the original the only threats are flying squares and another creature trapped within each maze. E.F.T.M. II should deal with more predators and add more hazards to the game. Various mind-bending and coordination contests should be imbedded in each level. Perhaps a dual player timed game could be included with a split screen. A hefty bonus should be awarded to whomever finds the exit first.

Frenzy (Colecovision) - This sequel to the beloved Berzerk is well deserving of a spin-off. First of all the entire display should be redone in greater detail. Add a number of distinct rooms with robot producing equipment. These machines could explode or catch fire rather than just shutting down. A more menacing Evil Otto returns and speaks with a greater vocabulary and without a monotone. Rescue prisoners before they’re fried by the robots’ lasers. Have the option of selecting guided missiles and/or rebounding shots for yourself and the robots. A timed two player survival level somewhat similar in style to Wizard of Wor would top off this intense shooter.

King’s Bounty (Genesis) - The sound system is the Achilles’ heel of this modern “closet classic”. The sounds and music should be totally revamped. The on/off music option would be available, of course. The combat system needs improvement. Smaller characters can maneuver around a larger battle field. Trees, a river and rocks along with varied terrain would expand the strategic combatant elements. A whole new cast of characters should be more animated. I’d like to see an ogre swing his club, a devil breath flap his wings and breath fire or a witch casting a spell. The overall premise would be to save the land or go on a quest to locate a magical object.

Moto Roader (Turbografx 16) - An expanded track selection is a start for the sequel to my favorite multiplayer racing simulation. More numerous hazards, sharper hairpin turns and loops and inter passes enhances the challenge. Occasional incoming traffic along with blasting horns and tires screeching would be nice added touches. My main gripe with Moto Roader is that computer controlled opponents couldn’t run out of gas while human players can. It would be a more realistic game if this was corrected.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES) - I always hoped for another SNES game which mimicked this title. With the recent introduction of the Nintendo 64 I doubt it will ever come to pass. Playing solo is near perfection. Interacting with a second player poses a problem of sharing your weapon supply, resulting in a shortage of your arsenal when total destruction and mayhem is desired. An option to select limited or unlimited weapons should be added. The setting would continue to be “B” movies. I’d like to see Freddy Krueger stalk your character in his nightmarish domain. Perhaps you can save trick-or-treaters in the movie setting Halloween. Add in toxic waste dumps, Greek mythological creatures and other theatrical monsters and there you have another weird but intense title.

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