75 Games You Might Have Missed

by the Digital Press Staffers

  1. 2010: The Graphic Action Game (CV) - Released near the end of the ColecoVision’s life, this is yet another good action/strategy game. Make the Discovery achieve escape velocity before it crashes!

  2. Alisia Dragoon (GEN) - The first unique characteristic of this game is that a female is featured in the title role. Loaded with power ups and secrets, as well as your choice of partners. This action/adventure is quite decent considering its competition. See Closet Classics review, “Write DP” issue.

  3. Alien Brigade (7800) - Took the arcade hit Operation: Wolf a step farther, offering a better challenge at home, with a less predictable enemy. Works flawlessly with the XE Light Gun. See full review, DP#19.

  4. Arcus Odyssey (GEN) - Four characters firing independently at one time, each with his/her own abilities and weapons. A huge adventure game that every Genesis owner should have. See full review, DP#03.

  5. Arkanoid (NES) - Sure, you've heard of this, but has everyone tried it? With the special paddle controller it's close to arcade-perfect.

  6. Atomic Punk (GB) - Cleverly disguised as something that is NOT Bomberman, but it is... PLUS a pretty good variation called Atomic Punk, which is terribly addictive.

  7. Attack of the Timelord! (O2) - Fast-paced shooter equipped for “The Voice”. The Timelord’s appearance is one of the coolest effects on any O2 game.

  8. Beyond Shadowgate (DUO) - Not a whole lot of games were programmed specifically for the US Turbo-Duo, but this was one of the best, going virtually unnoticed because the system was already being phased out. An adventure/RPG that encourages puzzle-solving skills over number crunching.

  9. Body Slam! Super Pro Wrestling (INTV) - Kind of tough to find these days, but more than just a collectible. Superbly portrays this “sport” as it should be... completely over the top. 12 wrestlers (with different abilities), 6 skill levels, 26 super moves, and all the hoopla of real wrestling, including the famous Intellivision stock crowd sounds (I love it).

  10. Boing! (2600) - A Q*Bert clone that was lost in the shuffle.

  11. Catrap (GB) - Another great Game Boy puzzle game, where you smash into monsters to kill ‘em and negotiate tricky chasms and obstacles. More than 100 levels!

  12. Chew Man Fu (TG16) - In an age where everyone was trying to clone Tetris, this maze/puzzler was totally unique. Charming graphics and music.

  13. Communist Mutants from Space (2600) -This is a souped up variation of the arcade hit Galaxian. Several improvements, such as the slow motion, shields, and breakthrough shots option brings a new perspective to the original.

  14. Countermeasure (5200) - One of those games that grows on you, a war-game with action.

  15. CPU Bach (3DO) - It’s not really a game, but it IS entertainment. One of those rare titles that allows you to be creative, but not creative enough to embarrass yourself. A must for classical music fans. See full review in this issue.

  16. Cratermaze (TG16) - While Bomberman was exploding on the scene of most home gamers, this superb maze/strategy game went practically unnoticed. Elements of Bomberman, Ladybug, and Lode Runner all wrapped into a tight little package. See if it ain’t! See Closet Classics review, DP#02.

  17. Crossbow (XE) - A great light gun game, this one appears to be better than the 7800 version. A must for Crossbow fans.

  18. Crystal Castles (XE) - This is basically the 5200 game that never made it. Fans of the arcade game will rejoice over this. Another must-have for XE owners. Cool graphic draw-in

  19. Devil’s Crush (TG16) - A pinball game with elements only a videogame could add. Vast improvement on the original, Alien Crush in both graphic appeal and ball physics.

  20. Diner (INTV) - The list of INTV games in the “sleeper” category is rather large, due to the fact that most of their games were released at the dusk of the Intellivision’s reign. Diner is a sequel to Burgertime, and so much more of a game with its unique 3D look, bonus levels, changing landscapes and more.

  21. Dracula the Undead (LYNX) - A RPG for the Lynx? Yep. Creepy, with some great graphics and effects.

  22. Dreadnaught Factor (5200) - I've extolled the virtues of this one in a previous DP. If you get good, play it on level 6 . . . and tell me your secret if you beat all 15 Dreadnaughts. See full review, DP#05 and DP#22.

  23. Flink (SGCD) - Appears to be just another platform game, and it almost is, if it weren’t for the rich graphics and offbeat characters. Lots to explore.

  24. Food Fight (7800) - If you haven't tried this one, get it. See full review, DP#05.

  25. Fortune Builder (CV) - Pre-dates Sim City, and although it lacks that game’s dynamic, self-running intelligence, it’s still a good strategy game, one of the few available on pre-NES systems.

  26. Frankenstein's Monster (2600) - This closely resembles the mega-hit Pitfall! but did not receive proper recognition because of its release near the end of the 2600's death. Various hazards, a modest challenge and an eerie theme complete an excellent adventure. See Closet Classics review, DP#01.

  27. Gateway to Apshai (CV) - One of the coolest maze games ever, taking Mattel’s Dungeons & Dragons translation to new heights. Clever layouts (99 of ‘em!), wide variety of monsters and magical items, one hell of a long game!

  28. Gauntlet (2600) - No relation to the arcade game. It’s basically run and avoid everything for as long as you can. You actually feel like a cowboy on the run in this fast-paced game.

  29. Global Gladiators (GEN) - Don’t let the deceptively childish packaging fool you: this is a top-notch platform shooter. Excellent sounds highlighted by an all Tallarico soundtrack. Great animation, too.

  30. Granada (GEN) - When Kevin asked me “what’s Granada”, I realized that this was yet another great sleeper in the Renovation line of shooters. You’re a tiny tank in a big world of trouble. Incorporates some maze-game philosophy behind it all.

  31. Gunsmoke (NES) - Quirky little shooter with hidden power ups and amusing theme.

  32. Gunstar Heroes (GEN) - You can’t mention sleepers without Gunstar Heroes in the same breath. An all-around excellent games with some of the best action and effects ever seen on the Genny.

  33. Herzog Zwei (GEN) - What is it about this game that keeps it at the top of most Genesis players’ “must have” list? It’s an incredibly fast-paced wargame that has a split screen option for side-by-side mayhem. A little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it you won’t be able to put it down.

  34. Jaguar Games (JAG) - What does the word "Jaguar" bring to mind? Shortage of games and astonishing garbage like Club Drive. These are valid but also unfortunate conclusions, because there are some really entertaining games beside Tempest and AVP. Power Drive Rally, Cannon Fodder, and Val d'Isere immediately come to mind.

  35. Karateka (XE) - This version was completely redone. Controls are much better than the 7800 version, and the cinemas add drama.

  36. Karnov (NES) - One of the older NES games, its exceptional graphics held up well over the years. A jumping shooting circus strongman and ten levels of weird monsters and fast thinking. Good right to the end.

  37. King’s Bounty (GEN) - This game crawls along at a snail’s pace, and sorely needs a battery backup. The music is enough to drive you nuts. Despite this, the game behind King’s Bounty is so enjoyable you’ll play for hours (with the sound turned off). It’s a strategy/adventure/wargame that’s different every time you play, kind of like a huge game of chess. See full review, DP#01.

  38. Laser Gates (2600) - At first glance this is a typical side scrolling shooter. It doesn't take long to recognize the creativity and intangible elements that set it apart from the rest of its genre. See Closet Classics review, DP#02.

  39. Mario Bros. (XE) - Better than the 7800 and NES versions by far. A great arcade translation with smooth controls, nice graphics, and excellent gameplay.

  40. Midnight Mutants (7800) - Huge bosses (unusual for its time), a deeply involving action/adventure theme and a slew of screens constitute perhaps the most involved classic cart before the NES & SNES era kicked in. See Closet Classics review, DP#08 and full review, DP#09.

  41. Monopoly (GEN) - (a Rebecca Cooper entry) the great board game is all the better with wonderful animation and the goofy computer characters you play against.

  42. Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing (INTV) - WOW, this skiing game takes the already cool Mattel Skiing and adds new terrain, tighter control, and even a random course generator (more of this is needed in videogaming).

  43. Ninja Warriors (SNES) - Games with generic names like this one often get overlooked. Shouldn’t have happened here, though. NW is a really good alternative to Final Fight, with some fantastic graphics and moves.

  44. On the Ball (SNES) - Very hard to locate. Far less painstaking version of Marble Madness, and in reverse: you manipulate the maze to move the ball. A nice diversion.

  45. Order of the Griffon (TG16) - A fantastic RPG for the Turbografx-16, officially licensed by TSR and programmed by SSI, the same guys that did those great PC games. Similar to the “gold box” series, a good long adventure. See full review in this issue.

  46. Pepper II (CV) - I would hope that every reader has tried this. It could be my favorite ColecoVision game of all time. Must be played on skill level 3 or 4. Patience - difficult to control only at first. See Closet Classics review, DP#04 and full review, DP#19.

  47. Phoenix3 (3DO) - Is it a platform game or is it a space sim? Well, it’s both, really. And throw in some Star Control II and even Rebel Assault action and you have one nicely rounded title. Mysteriously hit retail shelves at $24.99 and I still don’t see anyone buying it. You should.

  48. Piece 'O Cake (2600) - Probably based on the I Love Lucy episode where the cakes on the conveyor belts get out of control. You can change all of that by mastering this game. Very nice graphics. See Closet Classics review, DP#03.

  49. PO’ed (3DO) - With Doom clones flying out left and right, it’s hard to choose one anymore. This is Doom-like at first glance only, requiring much more strategy and planning (and many more buttons). Weird characters and background sound, loads ‘o levels and secrets. A top 10 for 3DO, and coming soon to the Playstation.

  50. Prime (SGCD) - This game should be called “The Official Prime Fan Club CD-ROM”, because it not only contains a fairly decent Streets of Rage clone but also digitized versions of 15 Prime comics (you can zoom in and out on each page) and an interview with Prime’s creators at Malibu Comics.

  51. Q*Bert’s Qubes (CV) - Hard to find sequel to Q*Bert. Solid gameplay with clean graphics. It’s gameplay still holds up well today.

  52. Quick Step (2600) - Very competitive dual player interaction is involved. The intensity doesn't let up for a second.

  53. Reactor (2600) - An arcade game that was in itself a sleeper, this really ugly looking game is fiendishly addictive. The roots of industrial music lie in this game.

  54. Rescue on Fractalus (5200) - Here’s where fractal graphics met the good people at Lucasarts. The game is tremendous, a first-person perspective simulator on an alien planet, searching for downed astronauts.

  55. Rollerball (NES) - A multi-screen pinball simulation, one of the best I’ve ever played. Ball physics are accurate, there are plenty of targets, and the graphics and sound are crystal clear. A must for pinball enthusiasts.

  56. Rygar (NES) - A really huge side-scrolling platform game with a medieval twist (a little like the more popular Rastan). Great powerups and variety of enemies.

  57. Smithereens (O2) - One of the few voice-compatible games, this is just an updated version of the popular Artillery Duel game that appeared on most systems in the early 80’s. One of the few games where the sound MAKES the game.

  58. Snow Brothers Jr. (GB) - One of the best platform games for the Game Boy, ten levels with a good variety of enemies and bosses.

  59. Solomon's Key (NES) - A+ grade for originality, requires all sorts of controller skills plus strategy. Beautifully done.

  60. Stadium Mud Buggies (INTV) - Simultaneous two player action, 9 events including a nasty hill climb, car jumping, a swamp race, a tug of war (really cool) and more. All very nice graphically. See full review in this issue.

  61. Starfighter (3DO) - Shooter and sim fans alike will really dig Starfighter, a Studio 3DO product that just suddenly appeared on store shelves, with practically no advertisement. It looks pretty mediocre on the box, but on the 3DO it’s amazing. 60 stages of furious action.

  62. Strike It (CV) - A good Breakout clone. Even has some elements of Arkanoid (the double ball). Very challenging.

  63. Super Pac-Man (XE) - Available in prototype form only. This is a must-have for any Atari computer owner. Super is super.

  64. The Amazing Spider Man (GB) - A very early release for the Game Boy, excellent graphics and loads ‘o screens.

  65. Time Cruise (TG16) - pinball sim featuring many interconnected boards and bonus screens. A little too easy, but very colorful and there's a whole lot going on.

  66. Tower Toppler (7800) - The graphics in this game were so unusual for the time that this game is a landmark of sorts. The 3D effect is very convincing, and the strategy element surrounding this action game keep you coming back for more. Also known on the NES as Castelian.

  67. Towering Inferno (2600) - The graphics and visual effects will not impress, but it's the simple but challenging gameplay that makes this game addictive. See Closet Classics review, DP#01.

  68. Trog (NES) - Maze game, and great fun. I love games that make me laugh. Why no graphically updated SNES version?

  69. Tunnel Runner (2600) - Sort of a first-person perspective Pac-Man, but with randomly generated mazes. Colorful and absorbing.

  70. War Games (CV) - A fine action/strategy game. Save the U.S. from an all-out attack. Very tough at the harder levels.

  71. War Room (CV) - plenty of action with some (but not too much) strategy. Just what I like.

  72. Warsong (GEN) - Great epic RPG’s are associated with Super NES, not Genesis. Warsong is a different kind of RPG, heavily emphasizing strategy wargame techniques. The ongoing plot thickens during each stage and enhances the play rather than detracting from it. See Closet Classics review, DP#07.

  73. Wizard of Wor (5200) - See the Astrocade review from last issue. The 5200 version is great, if you can get used to the controllers or can use 2600 controllers with the Masterplay interface.

  74. Worm Whomper (INTV) - You’ve heard about this game a dozen times or more in the pages of DP, but where else? A shame, really, because WW is one of the fastest, colorful, and tightest shooters ever made. On the Intellivision, no less! See Closet Classics review, DP#01 and full review, DP#19.

  75. Zone Ranger (5200) - Part maze game, part shooter, this Activision game feels like it should have been in the arcades. Lots to see here, nice illusion of a larger game than it really is.


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