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Game information for "Golf Diagnostic" - DP Online Rarity Guide

Game ID: 48898

Console / System: Atari 2600

Title: Golf Diagnostic

Scarcity (loose): 10

Value in USD (loose): 0

Scarcity (complete): 0

Value in USD (complete): 0

Publisher: Video Soft

Section: 8

Designer: Jerry Lawson

Developer: Video Soft

Style: 8

Description: Jerry Lawson wrote this for a CA-based company that was developing an interactive golf simulator. Much like Androman on the Moon, the program needs a companion piece of hardware to be fully useable. A person would stand in front of a large projection screen, and swing a special golf club outfitted with sensors that interfaced with a VCS, which would determine the results of the person's swing (ex: direction, speed, and distance of the ball). When you start the program and hit RESET, a stat screen appears, at which point it waits to receive input from the club. Only 1 cartridge exists, which has a hand-written label. What's really special about the cart is, it has a completely unique cartridge case, and on the back in raised letters is "Chuck-E.-Vision". Although the simularity of the names might suggest a connection with "Chuck E. Cheese", Jerry discounted it (as did Nolan Bushnell when we asked him). He didn't recall the meaning of the name, or the name of the company who was building the simulator, and didn't think the company ever went ahead with building the simulators. Discovered by Scott Stilphen in 2007.

Country / region: USA

Screenshot: Screenshot

Screenshot 2: Screenshot 2

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