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Game information for "Racer" - DP Online Rarity Guide

Game ID: 48717

Console / System: Atari 2600

Title: Racer

Scarcity (loose): 10

Value in USD (loose): 0

Scarcity (complete): 0

Value in USD (complete): 0

Publisher: Atari

Section: 4

Designer: Joe Gaucher

Developer: Roklan Corp.

Style: Street Racing

Description: A 1 or 2 player (head-to-head) racing game where players must nagivate a vertically-scrolling course, dodging barriers and what looks like an engine or transmission part. 2-player games offer the opportunity to "bump" the other car and cause it to crash. The game uses joysticks and quickly speeds up - so much that you can't manuveur your car fast enough to avoid hitting something. Steve Morley found a copy of this game at a thrift store. It's housed in a Pac-Man shell, with the label covered in "Roklan Software" stickers. Apparently this was Rocklan's 1st VCS game, and they first offered it to Atari. It's unknown whether or not Roklan planned to release this themselves. Jose Artiles purchased the game from Steve and sold 75 copies, with the 1st 60 numbered and boxed for $70 each, and the remaining 15 as cart + manual for $45 each.

Release date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2009

Country / region: USA

Screenshot: Screenshot

Screenshot 2: Screenshot 2

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