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Game information for "Depth Charge" - DP Online Rarity Guide

Game ID: 48704

Console / System: Atari 2600

Title: Depth Charge

Scarcity (loose): 10

Value in USD (loose): 0

Scarcity (complete): 0

Value in USD (complete): 0

Publisher: Amiga

Section: 4

Developer: Video Soft

Style: Target Shooting "Gun Games"

Description: Similar to Seawolf. Originally planned as a pack-in cassette game for Amiga's Power Module peripheral. The game was billed as the 1st "machine-interactive video game" offering head-to-head play, with one player the submarine commander and the other the destroyer captain. Each player would have had their own screen display and set of commands. A prototype version exists. Catalog description: "You know he's down there. But where? Your sonar is picking up indiscriminate blips. Then a pattern emerges. You've found him. You launch a round of depth charges over the side, and the explosions rock the ship. You smile confidently and check the scanner: completely blank. Suddenly, there's a blip. And another blip. And another. Or... You know he's up there. But where..." Discovered by Scott Stilphen in 2007 - 100 boxed (and numbered) copies were sold in 2010 under agreement with Jerry Lawson for $30 each. Price and scarcity reflect the original prototype, not the reproduction.

Landmark: Billed as the 1st "machine-interactive video game", it was to offer head-to-head play via the Power Module.

Release date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2010

Country / region: USA

Web site:

Screenshot: Screenshot

Screenshot 2: Screenshot 2

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